The Goatscapers, Landscaping by GOATS

The Goatscapers, Landscaping by GOATS


The Goatscaping Process


Experience the wonders of Goatscaping in Rhode Island, where our season kicks off in mid-May and extends until the first or second week of October. Our schedule aligns with nature's rhythms, ensuring optimal conditions for our furry landscapers.

The processĀ 

Engaging our Goatscaping services is a straightforward process. We begin by visiting your location to assess your project and provide a complimentary estimate. If you decide to proceed with our goat-powered solution, we will schedule your service accordingly. In preparation for their arrival, we typically set up your site a day or two in advance. This involves creating designated paths using portable fences, which are powered by solar electricity.

Once everything is in place, we bring in the goats, accompanied by a skilled herder and all the necessary equipment for the duration of our stay. Depending on the specific project, accommodations for the herder and goats may be provided by a converted school bus or a van with a camper. Throughout the process, we kindly request access to water for the goats. If circumstances prevent this, we can bring a large water tank to ensure their hydration.

Once the goats have completed their scheduled stay, they leave behind a transformed landscape. Their diligent grazing and browsing effectively clear the area of brush and vegetation, resulting in a remarkable improvement. As a result, the space is left with trimmed and managed woody stems and branches, making the cleanup process much more efficient and straightforward. You'll appreciate the convenience of a cleared area ready for your next steps, whether it's landscaping, construction, or simply enjoying the enhanced aesthetics of your property. The goats' dedicated work ensures that you're left with a refreshed and inviting space